Let us help you create the perfect menu for your wedding


Here at Alfred’s Catering, we strive daily to create a catering service that you can depend on. We want you and your fiance to have the wedding of your dreams and nothing less. You should be surrounded by your friends and family and have a menu that is filled with your favorite foods. You deserve to have a cater who will pay attention to detail and create a flawless menu that will have your, your fiance and all your guest’s mouths watering. When you choose Alfred’s Catering, you will be choosing precisely that.

Regardless of whether you are having a big wedding or a small one, we can help to ensure that you’ll get to watch your vision come to life under our chef’s experienced hands. We will make sure that no mistakes are made under our attentive watch. We understand that this day is the most important day for you and your partner and you don’t want anything to go wrong. Trust us when we say that we’ll make sure it all goes perfectly.

So, allow us to do the honors of catering for you and your fiance on your big day and we, in return, will promise you that we’ll give you the best we possibly can! Believe us when we say that when you choose Alfred’s Catering, you will have no regrets.


Let us help you put together the perfect menu for your event!

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